Oregon Bicycle Law

Oregon Bicycle Law

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This segment of The Law and You features personal injury lawyer Derek Larwick discussing the laws in place in Oregon to protect bicyclists. For more information on the “Share the Road” campaign in Oregon and how the bicycle laws might affect you, visit: Safe Bike Passage. If you have a case that you would like legal advice on, please contact us.


JOEL:This is Joel Block for The Law and You with Eugene attorney Derek Larwick. Derek, Corson & Johnson has handled many cases for bicyclists injured in collisions with cars. Can you tell us about Oregon laws to protect bicyclists?

DEREK: Joel, we hear about cases every week where a car fails to yield to a cyclist, sometimes resulting in serious injuries. Oregon has laws to help make drivers more aware of cyclists. For example, a driver is allowed to pass a bicyclist only on the left, and must leave at least three feet of space between the car and the bicyclist -or the amount of space needed if the cyclist were to crash. If you cannot pass safely, you must slow down and stay behind the bicycle until it is safe to pass. Failing to follow these laws is a Class B traffic violation. Share the Road is part of the Oregon bicycle laws program and has many other great tips.

JOEL: Thanks, Derek. You can download a copy of Share the Road bicycle safety laws & tips at CorsonJohnsonLaw.com. The Law and You is part of Corson & Johnson’s work to Make Communities Safer.

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