Be the Voice of What You Love

Women are the biggest untapped market in the motorcycle industry and, by some accounts, the fastest growing segment. We have the number of riders to influence how motorcycles and gear are designed and the power to get more women riding. During the Revved-Up Women Expo last year, we began discussions with manufacturers and industry leaders on new directions for the design and production of motorcycles and gear. Now Women Riders Now (WRN) has teamed up with Revved-Up Women to continue the dialogue as Revved-Up Women Influencers (RUWI).

We are the Revved-Up Women Influencers

There is only one qualification to become a RUWI: be a woman who loves to ride motorcycles and would like for other women to discover the joy and adventure. We need women from across North America (we’ll be adding other regions in the years to come) who are between the ages of 20 and 100, belong to riding clubs or are independent, ride in groups or solo—even across the country. We want women who own/ride different types of bikes and are riders, not passengers. BECOME AN INFLUENCER

What RUWI Will Do

RUWI will expand the women’s market and increase dialogue between women riders, motorcycle manufacturers and industry leaders on design, marketing, and distribution of motorcycles and gear through:

  1. Experience It events and rides involving motorcycle and gear manufacturers
  2. Critical Research Data to obtain women riders’ opinions and real life experiences
  3. Motorcycle Safety Training Incentives to increase the number of women who take the training
  4. Mentors, Every Step of the Way to keep new women riders on the road

Let’s Talk Details

The form below will help us learn about you so we can match your interests with specific motorcycle product and market research projects and initiatives. You control which projects, if any, that you want to apply to become involved in. Of course, each project or initiative may have particular requirements; not everyone who is interested in a project can be selected to participate. We’re beginning this program slowly to make sure it runs smoothly and is a win/win for RUWIs and manufacturers.

Experience It Events

These are 2-3 hour events held at dealerships, schools, stores, or shops. More than social gatherings, they are geared to answer questions, share experiences, and listen to experts. Some events are designed to introduce women to riding and others will be more advanced for women with more than miles under their belts. Dealers and gear manufacturers will be sponsors.

Each event will have some paid positions and/or free gear for volunteers—not enough to buy the motorcycle of your dreams, but a nice meal for sure. Opportunities for paid or volunteer positions may include:

  • Coordinator
  • Guest speakers
  • RUWI mentors

As event opportunities come up, we’ll send out notices to RUWIs in the geographic area to determine their interest and availability. WRN will be spreading the word of event opportunities to its 25K+ newsletter subscribers and its 413K social media network reach. We will also be depending on RUWIs to talk up the events in their personal networks.

Take a look at this sample program of an event designed for women interested in learning to ride.



(Note: We can work with RUWI and dealer on other ideas.)

What’s Fun About Motorcycling and Why We Ride

Dispelling Myths and Fears

Learning About Motorcycles

Motorcycle Gear

Teach about safety gear from basic requirements to high end options. Tour of shop’s apparel department.

Rider Education

Provide information about local “learn to ride” programs and offer “Buy One Get One” rebates to participants. (optional).

Let’s Ride*

Optional passenger ride opportunity for participants who have never ridden a motorcycle. * Operators and passengers must meet strict guidelines.

Become an Influencer | Want to host an RUWI event?

Research Opportunities

Manufacturers conduct research frequently to help determine design and/or develop marketing concepts. Getting the right participants is key to a successful research project. This is where RUWIs will shine. Not only do we have different levels of experience, we also have valuable opinions that reflect the views of thousands of other women. Participants are paid for their participation. Here are a few opportunities. JOIN RUWI | START A RESEARCH PROJECT

Mystery Shoppers

Women frequently walk into dealerships and feel invisible. Our RUWI can go in unidentified and find out how staff responds to potential female buyers. The RUWI may be given certain questions to ask or just do her normal ‘shopping.’ She will fill out a report on her experience and may be asked to give an informal presentation to management.

Focus Groups

These groups usually consists of 8-10 people brought together to discuss new or proposed motorcycle equipment or gear designs. They are led by a moderator and usually last 60-90 minutes. These can be conducted online or in person.

Product Testing

How will women riders perceive a product? Will they want to buy it? Or maybe the manufacturer is in the design phase and needs feedback on design ideas. We had one seat manufacturer tell us that they just need some women to come to their manufacturing facility and try their seats out. Product testing has a lot of different options.

Online or Telephone Surveys

These surveys used to be the norm for research projects, but not anymore because it is hard to reach the right people and to make sure they don’t disconnect. However, with our RUWIs, manufacturers will be able to know the people they are surveying are qualified and willing. Their survey response numbers will go way up and the data will be more reliable because the RUWIs will be expecting the call and be ready to give input.

Motorcycle Safety Training Classes

We not only want new women riders, but we want them trained properly. Trainers in each state’s certified motorcycle training program are a major part of our initiative.

Since many women like to do training with another woman, we’re offering “Buy One Get One Free” (BOGO) passes that manufacturers will pay for. We’ll be promoting the classes through WRN and at Experience It events. LEARN MORE

Mentors: Every Step of the Way — Ongoing Mentorships

RUWI Mentors become riders’ go-to source for all things motorcycling. As experienced riders who are committed to the goal of assisting new riders, each mentor is available to participants for things such as (but not limited to) motorcycle and gear advice, encouragement, information, and ride guidance for women who have successfully completed a motorcycle training class. BE AN RUWI MENTOR

Let’s make women riders a priority NOW.

Be the Voice of What You Love

Be the Voice of What You Love

Women Hold the Keys

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